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Brick Tinting

Before & After's - Some Amazing Tinting Transformation's

We tinted the mortar joints and brick on the front of this house to blend very poor repairs to the mortar, the cement was smeared onto the brick face and we tinted it to blend it out.


We tinted the bricks on this small rear porch/staircase addition to match the original brick on the house.


We tinted all of the bricks on this house to blend the brick colour with the stone & stucco colours on the house.


We tinted all of the bricks + mortar joints on the side wall of this house after a series of very sloppy masonry repairs had been completed.  In many areas the entire brick surface had been smeared with cement – by carefully tinting the brick and mortar we were able to re-create the natural look of the wall.  A good example of how brick tinting can achieve excellent results at significantly lower costs than re-doing the repairs.


We tinted approx. 3000 sq ft of stonework on this home after it had to be replaced following a house fire. The same stone was still available, but because it is brand new, the colour is not the same. Tinting was the only way to restore this home to its former look.


We tinted a small quantity of brick on this home after a door was converted into a window.  The original brick texture is only available in 1 colour now, and we were able to add the various shades necessary to match it.  This is a good example of how artistic our technicians are.

This house is located in a prestigious neighborhood of Toronto , and was built out of a white industrial type of brick not suitable to the area.  We tinted all of the brick on the house to a dark red colour.

After a front porch/roof was removed from the front of the house, we tinted all of the dirty, weathered brickwork above the old roofline to blend with the lighter brick below.

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