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Skylights: Enjoy All Of The Benefits of Natural Lighting

Belvedere installs the two basic types of skylights: curb-mounted or frame in place. A curb-mounted skylight is raised above the plane of the roof; it either sets on a wood frame curb or the curb is an integral part of the unit. A framed-in-place skylight is installed flush with the plane of the structure, much like a vertical window. It is held in place with L-shaped brackets.

We offer a wide variety of ceiling fixture alternatives in many shapes, styles and sizes. The shapes include square, rectangle, or octogonal. Belvedere will install a skylight in the smallest powder room to the largest recreational area.


Belvedere has added value, refreshed, and brightened homes for over 40 years. Our customers enjoy free natrual lighting year after year. Our hassle free skylight success has been acheived with a combonation of Quality, and value for you're money..

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