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We will design your everlasting Landscape


Your property is not just a 'backyard' or 'front yard'; it's where you live. Why not decorate your property just like you would decorate the rooms in your home? It is, after all, a space where memories are made, pictures are taken, family gets together, BBQ's are held, children laugh, and quiet moments are spent.
Gravity walls depend on the weight of their mass (stone, concrete or other heavy material) to resist pressures from behind and will often have a slight 'batter' setback, to improve stability by leaning back into the retained soil. For short landscaping walls, they are often made from mortarless stone or segmental concrete units (masonry units). Dry-stacked gravity walls are somewhat flexible and do not require a rigid footing in frost areas.


We can design and build any style of landscape to meet you're needs and compliment your home. We provide a guarantee on labour and materials. Our portfolio clearly illustrates our experience and ability to meet a wide variety of consumer tastes.

From conception, to construction, to completion, see how the professionals at Belvedere can help you create the outdoor environment you’ve dreamed of owning.


We have been in business for over 40 years, and employ over 50 talented, energetic, knowledgeable people in the business of designing, constructing, and maintaining landscapes.  We specialize in two areas: custom design and construction of home landscapes, including hard surfaces--patios, driveways, walkways--including pool design, night-lighting, decks, fences, and expert plant selection and arrangement. 

Our designers are accredited and experienced, bring over 40 years of talented design experience to your landscape project.


It all begins with your initial consultation where we will inspect your grounds and sit down with you one-on-one to present you with a comprehensive landscaping plan—step-by-step.

Then we develop a landscaping solution using top of the line Landscape Photo Imaging that will turn your yard into a well-designed outdoor setting.  Finally, we present you with renderings and upon your approval; we begin work on your yard.











On this particular project we installed a beautiful an interlocking block retaining wall, Interlocking retaining walls use a tongue and groove system to lock together. Interlocking retaining walls have several un-sealed connections that hook together.

Interlocking retaining walls can shift easier than other types of retaining walls and even though they do not appear damaged, they can still exhibit all of the signs of water seepage. Interlocking retaining wall design is prone to expansive and soft soils, which can cause cracks and shifts in the foundation.

Drainage to remove hydrostatic pressure and to release the built up water weight in soft soils against interlocking retaining walls is crucial. Superseal dimpled membrane with drain tiles are key for successful interlocking retaining walls. They allow the water to drain down to your drainage system and help remove the extra water weight from the wall.




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