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More than just a place to store your car and a big part of the appearance of your home

to see a recent garage being built from the ground up.
An improved garage will go a long way toward enhancing the value of your home, whether it’s a paint and touch up job or a new garage door or a new roof or siding – or a complete rebuilding.

With older wood garages like the one shown above, we jack up the structure to install a new foundation and floor. A pressure-treated wood plate is bolted to the base of the new foundation all around the perimeter. Sometimes additional studs and rafters are added and any rotted boards or siding are replaced with new lumber before the installation of new roofing, trim, eaves, doors, windows and siding. We clean up and remove all debris from the job site 

The only thing left behind is a 5-year guarantee on the structure.  
This new Belvedere garage features painted wood siding, a chateau roof, custom thermal windows, steel doors and aluminum soffit, fascia and eaves. The garage adds to the beauty of this yard.

Viewed from the lane, the same garage features a new concrete floor, drywall finish and an electronically operated sectional overhead door. The roof is shingled to match the house.

We restored this St. Leonard’s Ave. garage by raising and leveling the structure and installing new foundations. We stripped the original stucco, roofing and any rotted lumber and replaced them with new materials.
With a new sectional overhead door, new flooring, fresh paint and aluminum soffits and eaves, the garage stands ready to serve many future generations of owners.


This original Kilbarry Road garage was in desperate need of repair. We stripped the roof and replaced most of the roof rafters.

We then covered the new rafters with 5/8" plywood decking. The remaining rooted exterior lumber, sections of siding, fascia boards and roofed wood trim were replaced with new pine lumber.

Our painters primed and painted the new lumber using Benjamin Moore exterior latex paint.

The work was finished off with the installation of aluminum seamless eavestroughing and down pipe to divert the water away from the garage and help prevent any problems in the future.


CLICK HERE to see a recent garage being built from the ground up.
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