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Adding Value & Beauty to any home


Today with such a wide range of attractive paving products to choose from, you're walkway(s) can become a major feature of you're home, admired by neighbours and passersby. We employed the latest Uni-lock paving stones (in this case Brussell Block tumbled pavers). The walkway matches the existing driveway at the front of the home.

Stamped concrete walkways and entrances make a long-lasting and attractive walkway surface that resembles stone or a variety of other materials.

Mixing stones of different shapes takes more time during installation. But it can yield a distinctive, one-of-a-kind walkway and increase the value of you're home..


We can design and build any style of walkway to meet you're needs and complement your home. We provide a guarantee on labour and materials.


We always install a 12" gravel and limestone base and compress it using a power compactor to provide stability and a level surface for the interlocking bricks to settle properly.



A common trend these days to any landscape is to be unique. On this project our client chose to trim the edges of the interlocked walkway with stunning greenery, colorful flowers, and shrubs. A natural way to soften up the overall appearence.



On this particular project we installed a beautiful interlock walkway, patio and seating area. We gave the outer walkway edge a two foot increase by installing a retaining wall around it's perimeter. To take it one step further the walkway starts at the front of the house, continues around the side, and up to the backdoor entrance. enlarge



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