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Condo Renovations

Whatever Can Be Imagined, We Can Create
Belvedere has been performing condominium and townhouse upgrades and total renovations along with our residential work.

We are receiving more and more requests for ideas and quotations on everything from,painting, kitchen and bathroom renovations and total renovations from floor to ceiling.


In order to keep your renovation plans on solid ground, imagine that you will be listing your condo for sale in about one year.  This timeline is a practical way to develop your budget and determine how much value your renovation will add to your home.
We can offer wall coverings, faux finishes, wood staining or any style of painting, including sponging, ragging or murals.

We begin by protecting surrounding areas. Then we repair walls, ceilings and woodwork using plaster, drywall and filler as required.
We have an excellent design team to help with your objectives e.g. removing a wall to give a more open feel. This is quite a common request.
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Belvedere's experienced painters can tackle any project. We have improved the value and brightened hundreds of homes with our expert painters.  This room has been painted with two different colour tones, to create a luxurious look and feel.

A Belvedere's professional, can assist in your colour selection, and ensure that the project is completed quickly and with utmost care taken around non-painted surfaces and flooring. 


Over the past 40 years many of our clients have relocated to both condominiums and townhouses, most of which are still in the immediate area.
We realize that there is a strong need in this market and we want all our cientel as well as new clients to know we are available to give free estimates and ideas on small and large upgrades.

We have provided photographs to give you some ideas of what can be accomplished to improve your condominium or townhouse value and beauty.






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