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Exterior Painting

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Exterior Painting
The Belvedere professional paint staff begin all jobs by scraping and sanding all wood to be painted. We replace any rotted or deteriorated elements (the soffits and fascia board behind the eaves often are water damaged).

We check windows because the panes may require fresh putty or the frames may need to be caulked before painting.

We paint with two coats of Benjamin-Moore exterior latex house paint.

Before beginning to paint, we cover adjacent surfaces and we clean up daily. Finally, we remove all debris.
This Victorian home required significant preparation, including replacement of rotted trim, new eaves and downpipes.

The masonry was treated with Thorseal masonry wall coating.A fresh coat of paint not only makes trellises and outdoor objects look better, but significantly extends their life.


This house required significant changes to the exterior of their home Including the privacy fence located at the entrance of the home. The fence was sanded & then painted with the highest quality outdoor paint with a mat finish.

The exterior of this home faces the sun for majority of the day, and became damaged by the elements.

The paint was peeling away and the wood underneath was being damaged by the sun.

We filled any cracks or holes in the wood, sanded, and applied two coats of Benjamin Moore's weatherproof exterior paint.


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