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Old World charm

Stucco siding can often be repaired, and when repainted it will look like the whole wall has been newly applied. We are also experienced in the installation of Aluminum or Vinyl siding.

We begin by erecting scaffolding so that we can remove existing woodwork or eaves and downpipes if necessary. Then we scrape away any loose material.
Stucco is repaired using galvanized metal lath and finished with a texture to match the house. We apply two coats of Thoroseal Masonry wall coating in a colour selected by the homeowner.

Wood elements are painted using Benjamin-Moore exterior latex house paint. We maintain a daily cleanup and at the end of the job remove all debris.

This refurbished Leaside Tudor-style home was given new pine boards and stucco repairs before painting and sealing. The stucco was matched in texture and colour to the existing stucco. The owner was very pleased with the end result.

Belvedere erected safety scaffold where needed, our professional installers removed all the loose pealing and cracked stucco and then applied the proper mesh and adhesives.
New stucco was applied to this entire Lawrence Park house.
Stucco works well with many other types of detailing, such as stone, as shown below, or brick or wood.


The owners of this Lawrence Park home called on Belvedere to restore the stucco and timbers to their original condition, using the same techniques employed more than half a century ago. Three coats of stucco were applied. New pine boards and seamless baked enamel aluminum eavestroughs produced the beautiful results shown below.


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