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Beautifying outdoor space


Outdoor living is both trendy and practical right now and being able to utilize the outdoors adds to our quality of life.

Design trends are finally catching up with demand, giving us a multitude of choices for outdoor living.

Everything from living room furniture made for the outdoors, moveable umbrellas, shade sails, decorative lighting, to heating choices all allow us to take advantage of the outdoors.





We can design and build any style of patio to meet your needs and complement your home. We provide a guarantee on labour and materials.

A garden oasis is easily created using the latest styles combined with traditional materials.


Belvedere brings new meaning to outdoor living, with an endless selection of top quality materials, professional installations, and a warranty that can't be refused.

Having an outdoor patio around the house can also be an essential part of the home as well as to the outdoor landscape. Having concrete driveways and patio paths can give your home a more attractive and cleaner look.
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