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More than a car park

Today, with such a wide range of attractive paving products to choose from, your driveway can become a major feature of your home, admired by neighbours and passersby.

We begin by removing the existing driveway and disposing of the debris. We machine excavate to a depth of one foot and then install 12" of gravel and limestone. This material is compressed using power tampers to compact the base.
We then install the boarders and interlocking pavers, laying them precisely to give the perfect appearance.

The pavers are then covered with sand, which is swept into all the joints.

We are careful to protect your surrounding landscape. Finally, we remove all excess fill and debris.A traditional easy-to-maintain asphalt driveway is durable, practical and reasonable in cost.


Stamped concrete pavers make a long-lasting and attractive driveway surface that resembles stone or a variety of other materials.

We employed the latest Uni-lock paving stones (in this case Brussell Block tumbled pavers). The driveway matches the existing stonework at the front of the home.

The existing driveway, with interlocking paving stones, settled over the years because the base was not properly prepared.

To prepare for this new South Leaside driveway, we installed a 12" gravel and limestone base and compressed it using a power compactor to provide stability.



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