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Obtaining an Improved Appearance & Safety




A chimney in need of repair is a danger to people and property below and is a safety hazard to residents. Lethal gases and fires can occur if a chimney is no longer doing its job of drawing fresh air across the fireplace or venting furnace gases. Belvedere chimneys come with a 10-year guarantee.


We always begin by protecting the roof and eaves around the chimney and the property below. Then we mask the fireplace opening with plastic to keep dirt and debris from entering the house.

We inspect existing oil and gas liners for leaks or deterioration or install liners as required. Then we add a precast concrete collar with flue tiles on top and add pest screens where needed.We seal all flashing and clean up outside and inside, including cleaning behind the fireplace damper and the basement furnace cleanout. Most deteriorated chimneys require rebuilding, although in some cases repairs are possible.


Belvedere has experience with simple one-flue chimneys or the most elaborate designs, such as this Rosedale structure.

Precast concrete collars will prevent moisture from entering the chimney.

Pest screens will keep raccoons, squirrels and birds from causing a blockage.



Did You Know:

The National Fire Code of Canada - Section

"Every Chimney, Flue and Flue Pipe shall be inspected to identify any dangerous condition annually, at the time of addition of any appliance, and after any chimney fire."


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