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Decks & Fences

This deck and sauna combination makes efficient use of space - space that previously was too steep to be useful to the homeowner.Whether it be for entertainment purposes or adding value to your home, Belvedere pride themselves on not just a beautiful creation, but also having you treasure your new outdoor environment.

A deck can provide a convenient way to get from a relatively high landing to the garden without the need for a steep set of stairs. It is often possible to construct useful and attractive decks where space is quite limited.

We apply the floor using screws, rather than nails, because they provide a better grip, last longer and allow for individual boards to be removed if necessary.




Lattice fences are characterized by their crisscrossed pattern made from strips of wood, wood-look vinyl or other material. Because of this pattern, lattice fencing usually appears to be more open although it still offers a fair amount of privacy.

For this reason, many people use lattice designs as toppers on their solid, full coverage fences.

Lattice fences provide you with everything standard privacy fences offer, but with an added touch of class. You can get lattice fencing in wood or vinyl.



We can design and build any style of deck to meet your needs and complement your home. We provide a five-year guarantee on labour and materials.We prepare the site by removing any obstructions and staking out the layout for the deck. On projects such as the one shown above, we supply the plans and obtain the building permit.
The second-storey deck on this Heath Street home was designed to blend in with the existing third-storey deck. The curved structure was built on concrete foundations using only hand-picked cedar and finished with a new staircase and wrought-iron railing.

The unique style of the the platform offered Belvedere craftsmen a challenge – but the result speaks for itself!


We hand-picked ultra-smooth cedar for this replacement deck on Woburn Avenue semi-detached home. A clear stain will give this deck protection and a clean appearance for many years to come.

By using screws instead of nails, repairs or replacement can easily be made without destroying any part of the deck.



The Belvedere professional crew are building, and installing a lattice fence in the Leaside neighbourhood. Thanks to the wide range of wood fencing materials available today, the only thing limiting you is your imagination.

Make sure that you've explored all of the fencing possibilities or contact Belvedere to have one of our staff assist you with you're decision.

The best types of fences are those that completely complement your home. Lattice fences are among the most popular styles. You can grow vines on your lattice fence to add a further decorative touch.




The owner of this beautiful stone cottage style home on Golfdale Avenue in North Toronto chose only the best hand picked cedar for this lovely rear deck.
We removed the pre-cast concrete porch and carefully removed all of the debris.

Concrete piers installed below the frost line will support the new deck.
The complete support frame of the deck is bolted to the main structure of the homes foundation.

Our master carpenters constructed the deck to the owners specifications, which included caps for the main rail posts, spindle railings and vertical cedar in the sidewalls.
The complete structure was coated with a Brand Name clear cedar stain applied by our professional painting and decorating crew.

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