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Make A Statment With The Entrance of you're home

The entrance to your home, including the front door, porch, walkway and railings, is key to the impression visitors will form about your house, and about you. Keeping the entrance in top shape and always welcoming can go a long way toward establishing a positive feeling.

We usually remove the entire original entranceway and choose materials for the new structure that match the remainder of the home or replicate what was previously there.
A new natural stone walkway and stairs with a wrought-iron safety rail gives this home an elegant entrance and overall appearance.

We design entranceways to match the home. Here exterior tile over concrete plus natural stone stair treads complement the stucco finish and overall appearance of the home.

Well built brick walks and steps are always welcoming.


This Wells Hill Ave. porch, walkway and steps were restored to their original condition by replacing all deteriorated materials. The porch was repaired with new pine and finished with a primer and two coats of Benjamin-Moore paint.

The new paving brick on the walkway and steps was laid on a 4" poured concrete base and coated with two applications of waterproof silicone to provide protection for many years to come.
We totally constructed this gorgeous Belsize Drive front porch entranceway to include matching stucco walls.

The floors and stairs are covered in Indian Limestone.

The newly constructed gable roof structure is supported by decorative wood pillars and trimmed with pine moldings and dental trim.

The project was finished by protecting the wood with a primer and two coats of Benjamin Moore latex paint.

Beautiful wrought iron railings are installed for both appearance and safety.


Mr. and Mrs. Bullock, owners of this Glenpark Avenue home, have planned for sometime to have a masonry veranda across the complete front of their home, with space below for storage and a cold room.

Belvedere was fortunate to be their chosen contractor. Belvedere obtained plans to be approved by Mr. and Mrs. Bullock, as well as the building permits.
We excavated and constructed the storage and cold room using concrete block and we waterproofed from the exterior.

The building of the porch involved the construction of block back up walls and a brick veneer finish with the addition of a double slider baked enamel aluminum window with screen to also offer added ventilation.

  • The stairs and floors are formed and poured using steel reinforced concrete.
  • The support columns to support the roof extension are matching brick.

The complete front of the existing roof was reconfigured to create a cottage roof set on the new columns. We stripped and re shingled the complete roof so that they matched. The installation of decorative wrought iron railings creates an attractive finish. The strength of this support would accommodate a second floor addition if so desired in the future.


We installed all new seamless baked enamel eavestroughing and the porch trim and ceiling is maintenance free baked enamel aluminum.

Belvedere performed the finishing touches by cleaning up and removing all debris and re-sodding the complete front lawn.
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