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Brick Tinting

No more mismatched brickwork or unsightly patch work
Brick Tinting

For over 50 years brick tinting has been successful in Europe and is now available in Canada. Whether it is repairing damaged bricks, patch jobs or brand new additions, Belvedere has the technology to perfectly match any brick appearance.

This is a permanent process that colours brick or mortar with a pigment and chemical process that penetrates the material and cures to a permanent bond.

We’re so confident in the long-lasting effect that we offer a 30-year warranty!

The original brick on this older home is no longer available and the new addition clearly didn't match. With the Brick Tinting process, the extension looks like it has always been part of the house.

Brick tinting is an excellent way to add highlights around windows and doors,
as this before and after montage shows.

Belvedere has every confidence that our fully trained Technicians can resolve any colour matching problem you may encounter. This type of tinting is suitable for use on most bricks, mortar, natural and artificial stone.


A brochure was sent out to this Avenue Road building detailing our new brick tinting service. We perform and maintain all necessary improvments as required.

Our client wanted a brighter looking store front, and brick tinting was the answer. This work was completed in July 2005 with complete customer satisfaction


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