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Aluminium & Vinyl Siding

Giving your house a makeover that will last a lifetime
Aluminium & Vinyl Siding

Aluminum or vinyl siding is available in a wide range of decorative colours to blend with existing features of your home. We are also experienced in the installation of Stucco siding. We begin by protecting your premises, as well as any surrounding properties, before erecting safety scaffolding.
Normally, we strap over existing surfaces and add insulation. New siding and trim of your choice is then applied by our skilled crews. We maintain a daily cleanup and remove all debris when the job is complete.


New aluminium, soffit, facia, and eavestroughing on this building will avoid future maintenance duties. Aluminum and vinyl siding materials are not only attractive and maintenance-free, but they provide energy savings and keep drafts, moisture, and insects out of the house.

All of our siding installations come with a 20-year guarantee.
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