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Masonry Porches: Giving your home a fresh face and eliminating safety concerns

Belvedere Installer adding some finishing touches to this stone porch located on Davisville Drive in Toronto. We also added a matching stamped stone walkway to enhance the homes appearance



A new porch can give your home a facelift. We have experience with complete porch rebuilds or just renewing the steps, railings or supports. We also rebuild and modernize verandas and provide a 5-year warranty.


We begin by removing deteriorated elements and breaking up existing cement steps and brickwork, saving whatever we can, such as railings. We dig down four feet below grade to pour a concrete foundation below the frost line to support new steps.

We install new bricks or stone to match existing materials as close as possible and reinstall existing railings or new railings. We also inspect the eavestrough above the porch for possible leaks. It is common during porch repairs to build or expand planters or adjacent walkways. We clean up and remove all debris.

We totally constructed this gorgeous Belsize Drive front porch entranceway to include matching stucco walls.


We can design and build any style of porch to meet you're needs and complement your home. We provide a guarantee on labour and materials.


Indiana limestone on this porch gives a solid and elegant appearance to the home.


We use bricks that match the house as closely as possible. (We can also use a brick tinting technique to match of the bricks on the existing structure).

Here a a brick porch incorporates a steel-reinforced concrete floor, natural cut stone treads.

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