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Kitchen Before

Muriel Street Kitchen Makeover
This is a kitchen and main floor renovation required Belvedere to start from scratch gutting the entire main floor, tearing out the original flooring, installing new kitchen cabinets, re-painting the walls, and drywall work. This kitchen was transformed by our professional staff from a contemporary old style kitchen to a modern style. The hardwood floors compliment the cabinets and kitchen area.

This renovated kitchen features cabinets with granite countertops. The breakfast counter connects the kitchen with the family room.
These cabinets feature maple Shaker-style doors with a clear finish. This addition places the kitchen beside the family room with its entertainment centre.


During the Installation
Belvedere's 40 years of experience, has given them expertise required to tackle any kitchen project.  This kitchen has combined good design and planning with high quality finished carpentry and tile flooring to create a kitchen that is a pleasure to work in! 

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